Houma Armature Works

Drilling Motors

HAW Drilling Motors

  • Extensive stock of motors, blowers, J-boxes & parts
  • Remanufacture & rewind AC / DC / traction motors
  • Comprehensive testing capabilities
  • Dedicated maintenance & service programs

For Top Drive Applications: Benchmark Performance for Oil & Gas Applications, Drill deeper, faster, and more efficiently with High Power Density motors from Houma Armature.

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    Drilling Motor Key Features

    By utilizing applied physics and state-of-the-art numerical analysis software, each motor features:

    • Identical frame sizes and weights of standard, lower horsepower motors
    • Proprietary intra-slot cooling technologies
    • Fully optimized copper-to-steel ratios
    • Improved coil slot & bar geometries
    • Systematic electrical stress testing pre-delivery

    Drilling Motor Key Benefits

    With reliable, durable motors on over 600 rigs worldwide, Houma Armature Works customers are able to:

    • Drill deeper, faster and more efficiently
    • Make longer horizontal runs
    • Increase pump pressure
    • Punch the drill string harder
    • Improve portability of assets from site to site
    • Easily retrofit existing applications without changing equipment designs
    • Reduce overall transportation and road weight fees
    • Lower total motor lifecycle costs

    Houma Armature Works is a global provider of highly engineered motors, controls, and integrated solutions that power Oil & Gas exploration.

    We provide benchmark performance, productivity, durability, and customer support primarily for Top Drives, Mud Pumps, Draw Works, Rotary Tables, Engine Control, and Control Houses.

    Contact us today for more information on our products and services at our dedicated locations in  Houma, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas, as well as our 24/7 field services for your project’s convenience.