Houma Armature Works

Drilling Motor Sales, Service & Repair

HAW Drilling Motors

  • Extensive stock of motors, blowers, J-boxes & parts
  • Remanufacture & rewind AC / DC / traction motors
  • Comprehensive testing capabilities
  • Dedicated maintenance & service programs

HAW 12

HAW 13

HAW 20

HAW 22

HAW 29

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    Key Features

    By utilizing applied physics and state-of-the-art numerical analysis software, each motor features:

    • Identical frame sizes and weights of standard, lower horsepower motors
    • Proprietary intra-slot cooling technologies
    • Fully optimized copper-to-steel ratios
    • Improved coil slot & bar geometries
    • Systematic electrical stress testing pre-delivery

    Key Benefits

    With reliable, durable motors on over 600 rigs worldwide, Houma Armature Works customers are able to:

    • Drill deeper, faster and more efficiently
    • Make longer horizontal runs
    • Increase pump pressure
    • Punch the drill string harder
    • Improve portability of assets from site to site
    • Easily retrofit existing applications without changing equipment designs
    • Reduce overall transportation and road weight fees
    • Lower total motor lifecycle costs