Houma Armature Works

24/7 Field Services We Offer

Houma Armature Works offers on-site, 24/7/365 availability to keep you running when it matters most. Our team can serve your needs both on-shore and off-shore. We specialize in Motors, Generators, and Control Systems. Extensive parts inventory on hand means we are able to respond and complete your job quickly.

  • Installation – Make sure your equipment is installed the right way – the first time.
    • Mechanical Installation in Place
    • Laser alignment – Ensures Precise installation
    • Vibration Analysis – Ensures stability and Proper Installation
  • Maintenance – Reduce Unexpected Failures and Costly Reactive Repairs
    • Predictive Maintenance – Predict Failures before they occur
      • Vibration Analysis
      • Thermal Imaging
      • PdMA
    • Preventative Maintenance
      • Strong Relationships with OEM’s and can adhere to required specifications.
      • Bearing Changes
      • Winding Analysis
      • Worn Part Replacements
  • Repair – Restore operations fast – 24/7/365 field services. Our highly-trained technicians are ready and waiting to respond to your repair needs right away. We know how expensive and disruptive break-downs can be, especially if the equipment has to be transported for repair. Our expertise means the best chance to have your repair performed in-place.
    • Troubleshooting and diagnostics
    • Technicians trained to perform a wide array of repairs in the field
    • Logistical support to transport equipment to shop as needed