600 Form HP Wound AC Drilling Motor  — HAW12BB060 – HAW12

Drill deeper, faster and more efficiently with High Power Density motors from Houma Armature.

Utilizing proprietary intra-slot cooling technologies, the HAW12BB060 delivers up to 50% more horsepower and torque than similar motors, and will withstand rigorous high shock and vibration conditions for decades of continuous service in harsh environments.

HAW 12 Standard Features

  • 6 pole stator with form wound windings   
  • Extra tough pitch copper rotor bars    
  • Certified Class H insulation
    • Robotically taped Mica-Kapton
    • Glass sleeving on bolted wire connections
    • Fully vacuum impregnated
  • 4140 and 4340 alloy shafts available
  • Six 100Ω platinum RTDs; 2/phase embedded in stator   
  • Shaft seals and oil slingers on the drive and non-drive sides
  • Designed for Variable Frequency  Drive operation
  • Heater
  • Double shaft extension (tapered, splined or keyed)
  • ABS and ISO 9001:2015-certified   
  • ATEX and CSA-approved

HAW12 Optional Features

  • Encoder
  • Bearing RTD
  • Blower assembly
  • Air pressure switch
  • IP 56 junction box
  • IP 44 motor enclosure
  •  Insulated bearing on non-drive end

Critical Data

Model number HAW20B115B
Voltage (AC) 575 ±10%
Current (Amps) 1120
Rated Speed 795 RPM
Torque (lb ft) 7595 at rated speed
HP 1150 at rated speed
Max. permissible speed 2300 RPM
Base motor weight  Rotor weight 6,000 lbs.
2,300 lbs
Recommended blower CFM 3,000
Nominal resistance / phase @ 25˚C 0.0037 Ω
Rotor balance 50 gram inches
Standard bearing grease Mobil Unirex EP 2 *
Megger resistance 20 MΩ

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